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About Rebecca

Rebecca Rhodes is an award-winning artist and a gifted writer, with one published book entitled "A Circle of Quiet: Two Sisters, Two Diseases, Two Remissions." She is a recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship award, and headed the Oyster Bay, NY Beautification Committee's "Project Clean Sweep" in past years. She studied painting at the University of Illinois and has been a freelance artist for twenty-five years. Her first gingerbread house was made for a Christmas display window in Oyster Bay, New York. Since then, her confectionary work has appeared in Newsday, Long Island's Channel 12, and the Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot.

She has created sugar pieces for Oheka Castle, the Alice Tully Estate, the Long Island Shakespeare Society, numerous display windows on the North Shore, and a number of social events in Manhattan. After a four year sabbatical, where she did research and interviews with a World War II Marine for her next book, Rebecca returned to New York, where she made a confectionary piece for the Russian Tea Room. It is now on permanent display there.

In the past eight years, she has donated gingerbread houses to Schneider's Children's Hospital's cancer ward, illustrated a coloring book for Paul Newman's Double "H" Hole in the Woods Camp, given lectures all over Long Island, and finished several historical battle scene paintings in oil, including The Battle of Long Island and the Three Hundred Spartans at Thermopylae. All of her historical work is meticulously researched. Her one of a kind embroidery pieces take a year each to complete.

The first in her trilogy of WWII Pacific Theater books, detailing an eye witness account of the Battle of Bougainville, will be completed in 2008. Rebecca Rhodes truly is a Renaissance Woman, with a passion for creating and a limitless supply of ideas. When you commission her to do a work of art, prepare yourself for an astounding surprise of workmanship, imagination and intricacy. She has a studio in the Vermont mountains and an office on Long Island.

A single mother of two adult children, Rebecca has passed on a love of art and film to her kids. Her son, a brilliant mathmatician with a passion for literature and movies, lives on the East Coast and her daughter, who is also a professional artist and a gifted jewelry designer, lives in the South.

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